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DC Network Analyzer


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  • The DC network analyzer is design to analyze the fault currents in power system. The symmetrical and unsymmetrical fault analysis can be done with help of analyzer. The unit comprises with variable power supply sources, variable resistance, Milliammeter and ohmmeter. The unit is design with number of sections in power system. The sections are considered for general case. The unit will have two sections of alternators, two sections of sending end transformers with busbars, four sections of transmission lines, four sections of receiving end transformers with busbars and four load sections. The fault impedance diagram can be prepared on per phase basis for symmetrical faults and currents are calculated. The same can be analyzed with dc network analyzer panel. For the unsymmetrical faults, the sequence reactance diagrams are prepared and the positive, negative & zero sequence reactance diagrams are connected in series or parallel according to type of fault for fault current analysis. The DC network analyzer will give the simulated fault current in agnitude but the exact phase can not be found. The assumption is made that fault resistance is very small than the reactance. (i.e. Rf <<< XF) So the fault current is pure reactive & logging behind the phase voltage by 90. For analyzing currents with its phase and magnitude the AC network analyzer is required. The DC network analyzer is simple to operate, easy to understand and full proof with protections. The power supply units in analyzer can be independently used for other applications also. The power supply manual is enclosed separately. The DC network analyzer unit is totally enclosed, free standing, dustproof. The unit powder coated and screen printed for different section parameters.


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