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Technical Specification:
Input Supply : 3-phase, 415V, 50Hz, AC supply.
Control Supply : 1-phase, 230V, 50Hz, AC supply
Short Circuit Protection : HRC Fuses & MCB.
Supply Frequency : 50 Hz.
GENERATOR specifications : Generator 3-Phase, 2KVA, 415/240V,And Primover Motor 3HP 220V 12 A DC Shunt Motor.Natural air cooled.
Protection CT””s : Primary side CT””s 10/1A, 5 VA, cl-1, wound primary typeSecondary side CT””s 20/0.67A, 5VA, wound primary type.
Fault Simulating Switches : 32A, 2-pole, On/Off rotary switches are provided for creating a) Line to Ground fault, b) Line to Line fault, c) Inter-turn faultProtective Relays
% Differential Relay Static Type-with Minimum basic setting Biased feature 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50% setting for Current. CT rated 1A
Definite time Over Current Relay
Earth fault Relay
Aux. Supply to Relay : 110/220 V AC/DC Educational Bench Model with Schematic diagram of the test circuit printed on the model Test points & measurement points brought out & connected to terminals, circuit setup for testing through interconnections of Patch chords.


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