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The PT testing unit is designed to test phase angle error and % ratio error of PT”s upto 440V/110V. The input voltage range can be expanded with connecting devices externally. The unit comprises variable voltage source upto 0-500 VAC and digital display meters are provided to measure primary voltage, secondary voltage, percentage ratio error and phase angle error with lead/lag indication. The unit is suitable for low voltage PT testing purpose in laboratories but the high voltage PT”s can be tested in comparison with standard PT of same voltage ratings if available. The unit has facility to test PT in comparison test mode. PT”s upto 220V primary voltage can be tested. The phase angle error between primary and secondary is measured directly in degree where as the ratio error expressed as a percentage of secondary voltage is measured. The unit is simple to operate, understand and easy for handling. The phase angle error meter and percentage ratio meter are calibrated to sub-standard equipments. The calibration can be done with any other standard equipment. SILENT FEATURES  Facility to measure phase angle error & % ratio error in PT  Inbuilt voltage source upto 500 VA  True RMS digital voltmeters for PT voltage measurement with 0.5 class accuracy  Standard PT ratio 440 / 110 V 15 VA  Microprocessor based digital phase angle & % ratio error meters  Industrial grade powder coated MS panel  Burdan boxes upto 15VA capacity with selection.


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